I have been in IT for over 20 years, and for the last 15 in the monitoring of systems and applications space.

The tools I started with working with were HP Openview and NetIQ Appamanger, I then progressed onto to HPE’s Operations Manager (OM) and OMi / NNMi, SIS and APM (Linux and Windows based).

Today I’m a Splunker

This blog is for sharing some of my thoughts and scripts.

The name iOpsMon is something I created for my SNMP OID 9960 registered many years ago and when I thought I would write some mibs but that never happened as SNMP is not so simple right and it stands for “SIMPLY NOT MY PROBLEM” as once the NNM guy told me.

Any scripts or code used from here is run at your own risk and I can’t support it. 🙂