Windows Services Monitor In Splunk

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This is a quick way of monitoring your Windows Services

So after ingesting Windows data via the version 4.8.4, I wanted to see what services were set to auto but not running.

I wanted to ensure any important services were up and actually running, so by running the below search I could capture these services from some test hosts.

SPL: index=windows sourcetype=WinHostMon  Name=* StartMode=Auto State=Stopped | stats values(DisplayName) by host

From the search I could see the SNMP and Firewall services were stopped but should be running.

The below is part config from the Windows Add-On inputs.conf which collects the data. Set these to every 300 seconds (5 mins). Once configured deploy it to some Windows test nodes which run the Universal Forwarder and do some search tests.


Ensure you have deployed the add-on props and transforms to the search heads / indexers for the parsing, otherwise you won’t see the field names.

###### Host monitoring ######
interval = 300
disabled = 0
type = Process
index = windows

interval = 300
disabled = 0
type = Service
index = windows



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